"Lisa Petronis saved my life

Bottom line.

My name is Bren, Iím an alcoholic and an addict. Saying that someone saved your life may conjure images of being pulled from a burning building, or being freed from a car accident. Lisa helped save my life in a very different way; she did it with deep compassion, patience, strength, and an understanding of shared experience.

I was Lisaís client during the lowest, darkest time in my addiction. I was at my end. I came to a resolve that if I died, it was ok, on so many different levels. Lisa helped move me through that time.

It was difficult to write this because I had never recognized what made me keep going back to her office. For weeks now I have been trying to figure that out. Here is what I came up withÖ

From the moment I met Lisa, she had a powerful but gentle presence about her. I wanted the qualities she had. I knew under layers of my addiction I had some of those qualities, but had lost them so long ago. Wanting to find myself again started my journey with Lisa.

It was also the tolerance and forgiveness Lisa showed me that kept me coming back. If I had a relapse, she was the only one that would not react in anger and disgust at me. She didnít give upon me when everyone else had.

Some of my actions in my addiction I considered horrible, degrading, embarrassing, shocking, and despicable. These things were so emotionally damaging that these events alone were enough to make me want to die. I was finally able, in time, to share them with Lisa. There was absolutely NO judgment on her part. I felt safe, and it gave me hope.

Finally, I believe my time with Lisa was successful because without me knowing it, she kept me moving forward in spite of myself. It never occurred to me until now because back then I was so sick and everything felt so out of control. I guess that was a major key in the process. I was making progress even though I didnít know it.

In addition to my treatment with Lisa, I had the desire to get, and stay sober. Without that desire, I donít know of any other way to be successful in sobriety. So, I thank you Lisa with my deepest gratitude, love, and appreciation. Not only for all you did for me but for what you do for so many others that still suffer.

Lisa Petronis saved my life.

Bottom Line."

"The main things I got out of spending time in therapy with Lisa Petronis are as follows. The therapy made me recognize when I was having negative thoughts. I realized a pattern of self defeating negative thoughts. I recognized what I was thinking about was not real at all. I learned they were thought distortions. When I have negative thoughts I can now recognize them. I am able stop and think things through rationally. In addition, I learned to use deep breathing techniques to combat negative thoughts. I now am able to think more rationally and in line with reality. By using tools I learned in therapy my life became easier. It got the ball rolling for me. Now it is easier to realize my talents capabilities and potential. I can now feel comfortable and know itís ok. I recognize my strengths. I know now itís ok to be who I am. When I recognized my capabilities and potential it made it easier to ďgo for itĒ. I now I go after things I would have never dreamed of before. I have taken my band by the horns with more confidence. One day I saw an ad, called and made the band! Before I would have been scared of bad things or that I wasnít good enough. Now I have confidence. In another band I have taken initiative. Now I have confidence and do a good job. I take credit. Things Iím passionate about Iím not scared to go for. I benefitted from simply talking about everything and getting it off my chest. It helped to relieve some of my pain. Now I recognize and realize my potential and have an unlimited supply of confidence! "
-previous client

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