What is psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is also known as "talk therapy". Psychotherapy happens in the appointments when we meet together. We prioritize goals for the work and process of psychotherapy. These goals are based on what's going on and has gone on in your life and are designed to help improve your life. Dr. Lisa Petronis will provide an extensive informed consent that will cover this in greater depth.

Does a therapy also involve taking psychiatric medications?
As a psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa Petronis does not prescribe medications. Sometimes adjunctive medication treatment may be warranted and helpful. Dr. Lisa Petronis works in conjunction with San Diego County's finest psychiatrists and referrals will be made if necessary. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has special training in emotional disturbances.

What kind of people can benefit from therapy?
Psychotherapy has been shown in studies to benefit just about everyone! Psychotherapeutic treatment results in significant improvement in quality of life and decreases symptoms for individuals with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, traumas, ADD/ADHD, relationship problems, self-esteem and existential angst

How often should I go to therapy for it to work?
Individual recommendations vary but typically begin with once weekly sessions. Your treatment plan will be catered to your individual needs and goals. Oftentimes homework or projects are assigned outside of the office as an adjunct to the therapy. Remember the choice is always up to you as to how much you want to put into the process!
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